Quick Twitter video provides a snapshot of your tweets

Sylectra's online business card, a video made from TweetsVizify, a Portland-based company that makes graphical representations of online identities, has a toy that lets you create a video from your Twitter history.

This is part of Twitter’s launch #FollowMe, which it showed off June 12 on Turner Television’s NBA Social Media Awards. Think of it as an animated, online business card.

Key parts of the video which come together seamlessly with a little optional tweaking are based on whatever you post to your Twitter account:

  • Top posts
  • Top photos
  • Vine videos
  • Followers who interact with you
  • When you post

A soundtrack to back up the video is automatically selected, but you can change it to any of a dozen different riffs from metal to techno to folk.

In addition, there is the obligatory viral element at the end where a “suggested post” makes it easy to post your Vizify video to Twitter; a second “suggested post” mentions the top followers in your video to entice them to make one too.

Within about 20 minutes, three members of our Search and Social Group had already made and posted (and promoted) a video.




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