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Window and siding company’s SEO campaign drives up leads despite pandemic

Leaders at a New Jersey siding and window company expressed delight when the search engine optimization (SEO) work my company is doign for them caused their website traffic to strengthen and their leads to escalate – even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The siding and window company partnered with our NJ Advance Media team for more than five years, investing in paid search and SEO to become more visible in search results, and in print, social media, and digital display ads to help with brand awareness. According to their Account Executive Chris Konsulis and Account Manager Andrew Polizzotto, their priority is leads, as measured by “contact us” form completions and tracked calls.

During this time, SEO has been an important part of the company’s marketing campaign, with paid search and SEO driving the bulk of their leads. “The turning point was about 2 years ago when we were able to gain the website design and we were able to re-work the website to make it more user friendly, update the theme and add many calls to action,” Polizzotto said.

The website redesign propelled the SEO work into the spotlight, driving up visits, form completions, and calls after searchers found the site and contacted the company.

When our SEO strategist Casey Yandle looked at the organic search traffic results in October, it was clear that significantly more people were finding the siding and window company’s website through search when compared with the previous year.

(above: A comparison of organic search traffic to the company’s website, comparing January through October in 2020 with the same timeframe in 2019. Source: Google Analytics, November 2020).

More importantly, organic traffic is always the #1 source of leads and provides one-third of the website’s monthly traffic. But what really made me take notice while I was reviewing reports was that organic searches made up 52.47% of the website conversions (form fills), as shown in the next graphic.

(above) Organic search, the non-ad traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing searches, is responsible for more than half of the company’s website conversions (Source: Google Analytics, Jan. 1 – Oct. 31, 2020).
(above) Form completions are up 38% year over year (Source: Google Analytics.)

In January through October 2020, form completions are up 38% from the same time period last year, according to Google Analytics.

The other vital metric – phone calls – saw a 12.8% increase. For the time period of January through October 2020, the company got 413 calls from its organic search visitors, compared with 366 for the same period in 2019.

Because of the coronavirus response, contractors temporarily put home visits on hold, so the siding and window company had to pause its paid search campaign in April and May 2020. In May, they started to see some upticks in business and website traffic. It turns out the organic traffic increased so much and they received so many organic leads and calls that they have not yet restarted the paid search ads.

One of the things that helped this campaign thrive has been the level of engagement between the client and NJ Advance Media’s campaign managers.

“Overall, the SEO investment over the past years and the ability to meet with this client monthly and always be on the same page has made this client one of our best and most trusted partners,” Polizzotto said.

“We are always bouncing ideas off each other and they are very open with all their other advertising expenditures, struggles, sales numbers etc. We have consistent monthly meetings and that has helped the progress tremendously.”