Brooklyn is Watching

Captions and further information can be found at the Flickr site linked from the slide show.

Pardon me for not thoroughly researching this as is my usual habit, but I have a busy day ahead of me. I received an invitation from my Second Life friend, Solo Mornington, to see a Brooklyn is Watching exhibit opening in Second Life. Curious, I popped in with Nostrum to see what was going on.

This is a neat idea – 3D art exhibits in Second Life are getting shown at a physical location in Brooklyn, NY. I now want to go see this in person.

The exhibit that was opening was by Penumbra Carter, and it was called “So Much Depends…” A takeoff on the William Carlos Williams poem about a red wheelbarrow, it takes the concept of essential parts of life further and shows virtual sperm being launched through a window towards an egg which hovers brightly above avatar head height at the end of a long trough.

You’ll have to see these pieces for yourself – they will amaze you and make you laugh and think. These artists spend as much time creating virtual pieces as artists working with physical materials.

Brooklyn is Watching main Web site

Brooklyn is Watching Flickr photo pool

Podcast of the exhibit opening I attended