Brilliant email campaign: Pasta Evangelista

See the whole email featuring the Pasta Evangelista.

Yes, this is a totally commercial email, but it’s full of personality and so colorful that I can’t help but click. I would imagine it’s getting really good clickthroughs right now.

At the core of it is this video series created by a character known as Pasta Evangelista, with multiple pasta brands advertising on the video sites. But there’s a catch – when you click through from the email, you are asked to first choose a brand of pasta. Then you go to a page that’s built just for your selected brand.

Example: Creamette page

Whether that’s dynamically built based on your answer or there is a static version of each page out there, I am not yet sure. But this is genius!

In addition, once they get you on the page to watch the video, there are offers to view (of course): links to all the videos, a fun contest for free groceries, and helpful product information.

I am also wondering as a side note whether Pasta Evangelista (or an agency that created her and the videos) pitched these companies with this idea and then set up the campaign based on the advertisers that opted in. Even smarter!