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Garnier demonstrates brilliant content marketing

Garnier hair tutorial pinterest
This sponsored pin landed in my Pinterest feed today and was dead-on for my interests.

I found this on Pinterest today. I’ve been pinning tutorials on wavy hair, so I wasn’t surprised to see this promoted post surface for me. But it was dead-on appropriate to my interests, so I clicked it. It turned out to be a video of how to get the waves pictured by the blogger, Heart. The video of course featured the use of Garnier products. When it was over, I scrolled down and saw there were written steps matching the info in the video (i.e., text for Google to find). Under that was a call to action to buy the products featured in the video. And under that was a grid of additional content promos, to boost engagement.

In all, I probably engaged with Garnier’s messaging for about 6 minutes, which is a huge win for the company and one of the primary goals of sponsor content.

I especially liked the varied formats, video, image, and copy placed on multiple platforms. Lots of opportunities to engage with the content and track what happened on the website.

This content campaign followed a rule I hold most dear to my heart. First and foremost, put your best content on YOUR OWN website. Promos and excerpts can go elsewhere and tempt people back to the site.

Here’s what I found when I clicked on the Pinterest pin:

A very nicely done video starring a trendy blogger played on Garnier’s website.


A smartly placed call to action was immediately below the video and written steps.


To boost engagement of the visit, Garnier placed several enticing promos to other related content just below the call to action.

The domain,, has more than 300,000 backlinks and a Trustflow of 43, according to If they keep this up, it will improve quite a bit.  They featured this content on YouTube, their site, Pinterest, and Vimeo. In partnering with the Vlogger Heart, they also captured a win. She runs a YouTube channel, ThatsHeart, with more than 2 million viewers.

For the nerdier among my readers, a LOB is a long bob, and it’s all the rage, apparently. Kim Kardashian looks great in one.